The One or Many?

People might wonder if there is there one right person to fall in love with for everyone or many people. This question seems to plague people as they grow older.

 One answer to this question is to look at the evidence. People marry and then get remarried. This might suggest that the person they thought was right for them wasn't. Then they believe that the person they got remarried to is a better choice.

 However, this destiny fated solution has caused heartache for many people. The science shows that the chemicals involved with love and romantic attraction wane after two years. So if the person believes that love is that feeling, then that individual will concur that every two years the person that individual is coupled with is not the right one.

 This type of belief will lead to a trail of broken hearts until the person decides to stop the cycle. That person needs the maturity to realize that love is more than the falling aspect. Love is also a choice. After marriage, people commit their lives to each other. However, unfortunately, some people feel after an infidelity, that they will not be able to trust their partner ever again. They look for the next person who will never cheat, which is the deal breaker. Unfortunately, the new person might cheat as well, perpetuating a cycle.

 While this all sounds dire, people have proven over and over their capacity to fall in love over and over through a lifetime. There might be a right person who makes wrong choices, such as chooses addictions over love. In these instances, the person goes out to find love after love. And often there is success in that. There has also been love so strong that people work through issues, proving that just one right person in a lifetime is enough.

 It is really a choice as to whether a person believes that there is one right person or several. Some people never can get over the idea of the one. Unfortunately, that idea can lead to loneliness. However, one might conjecture that that person is happier single than with a person that is not their right fit. And judging by the divorce rate of couples who were once in love but can't work out their issues, it might be better to stay single and wait than go through the trauma of divorce in search of someone better than the last. 


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